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At ACozyHouzz.com, we offer best information possible regarding home remodeling, decoration, renovation, repair and how-tos etc. We also share information about Gardening, Pool House Design & Construction.

We help people to improve their home by providing real life tips and inspiration. You can also find useful information and tips to make your best home within your budget.

Our mission is to build a trustworthy platform of home improvement and decoration.

Why ACozyHouzz.com

Well, there’re a lot of website on the internet about home improvement and Gardening. However, most of them are run by people who don’t have any real life experience about home decoration or renovation. As an expert in home remodeling and decor, I thought I can do even better helping home owners by sharing plenty of luxury remodeling ideas and different design options.

I want to make sure, that you’re getting the best information on home improvement, decoration, renovation and much more.

Who Am I ?

My name’s Roger Howe, a home remodeling and renovation professional with more than 15 years of experience. I’ve spent many years in carpentry, masonry, and other construction specialties. I’m very much passionate about home designing and decorating.

My main specialty is developing, and managing large and small home remodeling projects within time and budget.

Currently, I’m working as a Lead Project Manager in a home remodeling company based in Arizona.

What To Expect:

My mission is to provide home improvement advice, related product reviews and recommendation, Home improvement resources etc.

We collect the best deals on many home improvement gadgets. We also give the deal information to our respected readers and followers.

Do You Have Any Suggestion For Us?

We make sure to provide unbiased product reviews and comparison. We never do any kinds of manipulation while reviewing any product. We don’t even take any sponsorship form any company.

However, if you would like to help us providing your real life experience you’re most welcome. We would be happy to feature your content, product review and particular picture on our site.

Topics We’re Covering:

1) Home, Garden, Backyard, Lawn etc.

2) Related Product Reviews And Comparison

3) Home Improvement Ideas and Resources

4) Interior Design Ideas

5) Home Renovation

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Thanks for dropping by! Whether you have a comment or any suggestion for us, we look forward to hearing from you. For any general queries, feel free to reach out by sending a message via our contact page. I would love to get back to you.