Best Electric Fireplace Reviews And Buying Guide Of 2023

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Electric fireplaces are the new found love of fireplace enthusiasts who can’t deal with the troubles of logging.

The best electric fireplace offers outstanding performance, ambience and innovative features that would leave you feeling like an early adopter of cutting-edge technology. With the influx of different electric fireplace brands and products into the market, picking one can be quite confusing.

This review is aimed at discussing the pros and cons of the best available electric fireplace models with the intention to help you decide which is best for you.

Best Electric Fireplace Reviews Of 2023

1. Touchstone 80001: Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

This electric fireplace designed to be mounted on the wall is fascinating for a host of reasons. To begin with, it only weighs about 46 pounds. Hence, you can easily mount it without needing assistance from another individual.

The Touchstone 50-inch Electric fireplace comes with a dual-mode operation. Hence, it can be operated in a flame-only mode or the mode with heat and flame. The former is the more ideal mode if you live in a warmer climate as the ambience that comes with the flame would be preferred over heat. For all its worth, this electric fireplace comes with all the luxurious feel that comes with an actual fireplace yet without soot or smoke.

It is particularly interesting to see that this wall-mount electric fireplace looks rather lifelike. The flames set in a pile of faux crystals and logs give off the feeling that they are real. They lend a relaxing and homely appeal to the space where they are placed or mounted.

The fireplace also comes with a remote control which can be used to control a number of functions. To begin with, it can be used to adjust the heat of the room to either high or low. It can also be used to modify the flames from a soft glow to an intense blazing flame. In fact, it is adjustable to five flame settings. It is imperative to mention that you would need to get batteries as the remote control comes without one.

With Touchstone 8001, there’s no talk of fueling with oil or natural gas. It is environmentally friendly and safe for kids as it uses LED technology as its source of energy. This electric fireplace is effective for spaces of about 400sq.ft. in area.

The most appealing property of the Touchstone 8001 is debatably the touch of modernity and mesmerising beauty it brings to your home space.

In general, Touchstone 80001 was designed to be mounted in a recess. However, if you can’t create such recess in your wall, it can alternatively be mounted on the wall surface.


  • Installation is quite easy
  • Has a sound heat output
  • It has a realistic view
  • Auto-shutoff timer
  • The user manual is easy to follow.


  • Could be rather loud for individuals who are particular about golden silence

2. Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace Console

This is arguably one of the best electric fireplace TV stands available on the list of cards for you. With its rustic look, it gives your room an excellent outdoor appearance. Its particleboard and laminated MDF build capped by a weathered black woodgrain finish provides your room with that very rustic appeal you dearly crave.

A patented technology highlighted by built-in reflectors produces realistic flame effects. This effect was created using LED lights that are known to last for as long as 50,000 hours before needing any recharge.

Coupled with one of the best electric fireplace inserts available, you can use it with or without heat. You can also connect it to any standard wall outlet. Besides, you can adjust it’s flame and heat settings using a touch panel or remote control. The realistic-looking flames have a flickering effect which makes it all the more alluring

A perfect blend of functionality and elegance, it has an open shelf for storage of other devices. You can make use of this shelf to store your audio devices, game console, among others. This shelf is highly customisable and can be tailored to store whatsoever you desire.


  • The illusionary flame is placed at the back of the logs rather than the usual front to give the fireplace a more realistic look
  • Has a captivating Barnwood look
  • Uses LED lights
  • Easy to set-up as it comes with instructions for its assembly
  • Very sturdy
  • The shelf is customisable and can house most gadgets


  • Particleboard could peel off with rough use
  • Setting up can be time-consuming for a first-timer
  • The heater isn’t as effective as many other electric fireplaces and is, therefore, most recommended for small spaces

3. Duraflame 3D Infrared Electric Fireplace Stove

Designed with infrared heat which helps to regulate the humidity present in a room, this is easily the best electric fireplace stove. There are a host of reasons why this hype is justifiable.

Its realistic 3D flame effect is one such reason. With its unique 3D flame effect, flames wave from side to side like what is obtainable in a natural fireplace. With five adjustable brightness settings, it promises the appearance of a natural fireplace only without all of the mess and smell that comes with it.

Its infrared technology is one other thing which makes it one of the best electric fireplace stove in the market. A big plus to this is that it also limits static electricity, unlike what is the norm with regular heaters.

With zone heating, you can save energy expended. Like it is with many homes, your basement or guest room might not be occupied by persons for large portions of the day. This technology allows you to turn off the heat from reaching those areas so that you can save the amount of energy expended.

You reduce your carbon footprint in addition to saving energy. Hence, affording you a grand chance to contribute your quota to the environment. Also, zone heating helps you prolong the service life of the electric fireplace stove.

For all its worth, this portable indoor space heater comes with an adjustable digital thermostat. In addition to that is an overheating protection technology that turns off the heater at intervals to prevent overheating.


  • Saves energy
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Looks realistic yet without the mess that comes with a natural fireplace
  • Temperature control


  • The fan produces little noise
  • The remote control cannot entirely turn off the flame’s brightness.

4. Touchstone 80004 – Sideline Electric Fireplace

Designed to be installed in-wall, describing the Touchstone 8004 as the best recessed electric fireplace is no overkill. It is quite easy to install even if you have not tried your hands at installing an electric fireplace before. It comes with a manual which makes the installation process even easier.

In addition to its ease of installation, it features multiple modes. You can make adjustments to the intensity of the heat it emits as well as modify the temperature and time.

The vents of the electric fireplace are located at the top. Consequently, the heat emitted has a wide coverage. To make these controls even easier is a remote control that comes with it. To this end, you no longer have to walk up to the unit to make adjustments to the heat and flame.

With its two-heat mode, you can choose to operate a flame and heat mode or a flame-only mode. This is a really important feature because it means they function well in warm and cold climates alike. In really cozy environments, you do not only get ample warmth from the fireplace but the ambience and exotic-feel that comes with it. The flames look real life-like and can be switched between blue, blue-orange and orange colours.

It has an exotic design which would definitely turn the heads of your guests if installed in the living room. Bordered by a bold black frame, it is most definitely an outstanding feature of any space where it is installed.


  • The fire gives an authentic feel with three colour options and faux firelog
  • Simple to install
  • The glass covering fireplace doesn’t heat even when you use a heater
  • The glass face is durable
  • Safe for kids and pets


  • Doesn’t properly heat big rooms

5. Puraflame 33 Inches Western Electric Fireplace Insert

It is for obvious reasons that the Puraflame Western Electric fireplace is the best electric fireplace insert. At 33 inches, it is hypnotising to watch the flames curl and sway from side to side while feeling the warmth it provides close to your skin.

Interestingly, it comes with LED lights which makes it an energy saving unit. Still, it fills your room with that glowing embers look you’ve always desired.

With a clean and highly accurate workmanship, this electric fireplace is beautiful and flushes just fine with your interior décor. This eco-friendly electric fireplace option works best up to 400sq.ft. of space and can be used as a fireplace insert. This is to say that it can be installed in your fireplace if you are not looking to burn logs in your existing fireplace. Although, it is very effective and functional it doesn’t completely replace the need for a central heating system.

The remote control that comes with it affords you the flexibility of adjusting the brightness and intensity of the flames. This 33-inches beauty also comes with a thermostat which lowers the risk of the room overheating. This is because the thermostat turns off the heat when the temperature goes higher than a set figure.

Unfortunately, this fireplace cannot be hardwired. Instead, it should be plugged to an output socket of about 120V. Plugging into an extension box isn’t a safe option as it could cause overloading in the extension cords. The wiring process in addition to the fact that it can be installed in a cabinet recess makes the installation process quite easy to go through.


  • It is easy to install and uninstall
  • It heats up well in small, confined spaces
  • Intensity and brightness of flames can be adjusted
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat
  • Comes with a remote control


  • No crackling sound and popping of wood like it is with a natural fireplace

6. Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace

With a natural, quiet and efficient infrared heating system, this Infrared quartz fireplace stakes a good claim as the best infrared electric fireplace. To support this claim are a host of features it has.

First is the fact that it can serve very large rooms. Unlike other electric fireplaces that are limited to a space of about 400sq.ft., it can serve even twice as more room. Because of its large size at about 55 pounds and 3ft. width and a beautiful exterior wood finish, it can suffice as a furniture in the living room.

Although it has a hugely intimidating size, it is easy to set up. It doesn’t need any special installation process and can be easily moved from place to place with the help of its caster wheels.

In addition to this is the fact that it regulates the humidity of the room properly. The wavelengths from the infrared light responsible for radiating heat through the room bounces off objects rather than humans. Hence, your skin isn’t left looking dry and frail when the heater is turned on.

Perhaps, most important of all is that it comes with several security features. Some of these security features are its child lock and auto shut-off features. The former can be used to lock the unit such that the remote and the control panel are temporarily rendered useless until the digital lock is once again turned off.

With the auto shut-feature, the fireplace is designed to automatically lock down when it is toppled over. However, the size of the unit makes this hardly a concern.


  • Has zone heating feature
  • Reduces carbon footprint with a clean energy source
  • Effective for large rooms
  • Maintains room humidity
  • Looks very realistic


  • It is large and heavy

7. Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater

With a reasonable price and efficient overheat protection system, this is no doubt the best electric log set heater there is. Most often than not, the best in a category is a device which performs the same as the big brands yet costs only a fraction of the price. This electric log set heater fits seamlessly into that narrative. This powerful heater is easy-to-install and convenient to use.

Additionally, there is a lot of control over the heat produced. Indeed, you can run the flames all year long without turning the heater on to warm the room. You can set a particular temperature for the electric log heater to maintain using a thermostat. There is also the possibility of adjusting the temperature and flame height with the simple push of a button the remote.

Finally, it has the zone heating technology which helps to save energy. With zone heating, you can turn off the heat in unoccupied rooms.


  • Affordable
  • Flames look realistic
  • Flame height and temperature levels can be adjusted using a remote
  • Easy-to-install and convenient to use
  • Zone heating


  • Doesn’t make any crackling fire sounds
  • Makes slight humming sound

8. Magikflame Most Realistic Electric Fireplace

This is the best electric fireplace mantel in the market, and the reasons are not far-fetched. This fireplace mantel is arguably the most realistic electric fireplace ever designed. Asides the fact that it is pollution free and energy efficient, there remains a lot of other appealing factors that make it an easy choice for fireplace enthusiasts.

Just like many others on this list, it has a heat and no heat mode. That is, the flames can be turned on without the heat turned on simultaneously or both features used together. Its user-friendly nature also makes it the more alluring to a lot of individuals.

It offers the most realistic fireplace logs yet using Holoframe technology. The flames are powered using micro-controlled LED lamps containing an incredible number of yellow and orange diodes. This gives it a more realistic look than the ordinary light refraction used in most other fireplaces.

To make this effect even more real life-like, the fireplace is designed to come with crackling sounds as is typical of a traditional fireplace. Yet, unlike traditional fireplaces, it is powered by a clean source of energy which reduces your carbon footprint.


  • Super-realistic flames
  • Flames come with crackling sounds like it is with a natural fireplace
  • Very durable
  • Can be controlled using both a remote and an iPhone


  • Expensive

9. Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace with Bookcase

Fitted with shelves to store books, game consoles and other electronic gadgets, this electric fireplace is a great asset to own. With six shelves, you can readily store items like books, among others in it. A mantel at the top also supports the placement of a flat TV while its perfect blend of ivory finish and a floral design gives it an exquisite look.

In terms of energy expended, it is very efficient. The self-regulating fireplace is protected by a glass which makes it safe for your kids and pet. Because safety is of great value to the producers, the remote control comes with a child safety lock.

With the remote control that comes with the fireplace, you can adjust the timer, logs, thermostat, and various properties of the flame. This, in turn, creates the kind of ambience typical of a traditional fireplace. It has a good build and is constructed using materials like MDF, metal, resin, glass and poplar.


  • Using a remote control, you have more control over timer, thermostat and flame properties
  • Comes with a bookcase style shelf
  • Energy efficient


  • Time-consuming to set up

10. e-Flame USA Hamilton Free Standing Electric Fireplace

The baroque design this electric fireplace wears, makes it look stunning and sleek all at once. Effective up to a space of about 900sq.ft., its heating system is highly efficient and functional. Although it heats very well, heating costs are reduced to the barest minimum as its heaters are made of economically-friendly fans.

In addition, this free-standing electric fireplace comes with two heat-modes. As an added benefit, you can adjust the heat distributed at will. Indeed, the heater could be turned off with the flames still left to burn and crackle.

One of its most-appealing properties is smokeless and odourless. Hence, it is safe for kids, pets and the aged. Lightweight materials used for its construction makes it for easy transportation and storage. Its top is functional and creates enough space for you to keep gadgets or some lighter objects like a family photo album.

Its small size means that it can be placed comfortably into a traditional fireplace insert. Consequently, it can be used as a good alternative to soot-producing logs that are used with traditional fireplaces.


  • Sleek look
  • Easy to transport from place to place
  • Safe for kids and the aged
  • Reduces heating costs
  • Heats spaces well


  • Does not produce crackling sounds typical of a traditional fireplace

11. Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand

This Fireplace TV stand is one of the very best for its price and its functionality. Its bookcase shelves are suitable enough to store books, DVD player or any other gadgets. It is quite satisfying to know that the shelves are adjustable. Hence, they can be adjusted to accommodate its contents.

The TV stand top is laminated to give it a classy and expensive-looking textured surface. Built out of high-grade MDF, the Fireplace TV stand itself is highly durable. With a port wide enough for cord management at the back of every shelf, you do not have to worry about the wire getting tangled or the place looking messy.

With its electric fireplace insert, it gives your family warmth, ambience and lavish entertainment. The fireplace can heat a 400ft.sq room conveniently and is a simple plug-in. Consequently, its wiring has no complications like hard wiring to it. It can be powered by directly connecting to a standard output socket.


  • Laminated
  • Shelves are adjustable
  • Durable
  • Can take substantial TV sizes (up to 60inches)


  • Might take too much space
  • Expensive
  • Not available in several colours

12. R.W.FLAME 50” Electric Fireplace Recessed Walls Mount

With its electric fireplace insert, it gives your family warmth, ambience and lavish entertainment. The fireplace can heat a 400ft.sq room conveniently and is a simple plug-in. Consequently, its wiring has no complications like hard wiring to it. It can be powered by directly connecting to a standard output socket.

With this recessed wall electric fireplace, you have full control over the amount of heat your heater emits. Its multiples operating modes is no doubt one of its biggest perks.

Putting things in perspective, you can adjust its brightness over four levels and its flame speed over five modes. All of these controls are made convenient with the use of a remote. The remote can be used even from a distance of about 8m away from the unit.

It also has an efficient timer control such that you can set it to function from 1 to 8 hours. It also features a sleep mode where the lights can be turned low and the heater left on.

The mountable electric fireplace comes with an auto-heat kill safety function to prevent the room from overheating. It also moderates the heat the fireplace radiates to maintain the natural humidity of the room.


  • Energy saving
  • Easy-to-mount
  • Flame effects are realistic
  • Can be operated by touchscreen and remote control


  • Makes annoying beep sounds when you put off the timer.

What Is An Electric Fireplace And How Does It Work? 

With the barrage of fireplace varieties that flood today’s market, it is challenging to decide what variety suits one best. Unlike many other fireplace varieties, an electric fireplace provides its user with more flexibility than the regular wood fireplace would.

However, even with all of its advantages, only a few sets of people know what an electric fireplace is or how it works?

In simple terms, an electric fireplace is a heating system – which could be wall-mounted or placed on the floor – that imitates a traditional wood-burning system by providing warmth to a room.

Its most significant selling points are that it needs no professional for installation and does not require the use of a vent. Yet, it has an elegant aesthetic view and pretty much does everything the traditional gas or wood-burning fireplace would.

Well, How Does It Work To Make A Cozy Environment?

how electric fireplaces work

Having explained what an electric fireplace is, it is now expedient to discuss its working system. This form of fireplace variety performs their primary function of providing heat by drawing in cool air and heating it via a heating coil. The heated air is then sent out via a fan to warm the room.

In some cases, the fireplace uses infrared technology for heating rather than through the mechanical process of heating cool air. Their energy source is also clean, leaving you safe, comfortable and saves you from the smell of burning logs that comes with traditional fireplaces.

They are best used as a supplementary heating system and hence can’t be as effective in providing warmth as a central heating system. However, they are the most ideal if you are looking to heat a small, confined space.

Types Of Available Electric Fireplace Variation

1. Wall Mount Electric Fireplaces:

Most often than not, these form of electric fireplaces are usually the best and most effective. In general, they protrude outside the wall only by about 6 to 10 issues save for places where they are built into a recess. They can be mounted within a recess or mounted on a wall with the help of a mounting bracket. One of its biggest pluses is that it is straightforward to install.

2. Electric Fireplace Mantel:

This is a modification of a freestanding fireplace. They are designed to look like a traditional fireplace, but in addition to that feel like an entertainment centre. Of worthy mention is the fact that they are freestanding. They, unlike inserts, come with a frame around the fireplace. In summary, they are a perfect blend of functionality, elegance and ambience.

3. Electric Fireplace Inserts:

Electric fireplace inserts are designed initially to occupy the void space in your traditional fireplace system. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, the insert would usually fill the space you would have ordinarily logged your gas logs or burn wood. From stove-like to open designs, they can assume a lot of forms. Finally, they could either have a more modern design or a rustic one.

4. Electric Fireplace Stoves:

They are freestanding heaters designed to provide your home with optimum heat while maintaining the natural humidity simultaneously. It is a brilliant way of utilizing unused spaces in your home that cannot fit big furniture or electronic gadgets.

5. Electric Fireplace TV stand:

In addition to providing warmth as it is with all other variations of the fireplace, an Electric Fireplace TV stand serves as an entertainment centre. They offer storage for books and all forms of entertainment media. For this reason, they are one of the most common types of electric fireplaces. They also exist in a wide range of colour and style variation. Therefore, you can shop for one which best suits your existing home décor.

6. Freestanding or fixed version:

These fireplaces are designed to either stand-alone or on a tabletop. For the most part, they are designed to give off the look of a traditional fireplace stove. They can also be modified to look like a natural fire with a mantle, amongst many other applications.

Best Brands Of Electric Fireplace:

Although all electric fireplaces are designed to heat space with realistic-looking frames and without the smell of smoke, only a few are efficient in these roles.

We are poised to help you make a good buying decision by giving you a list of well-respected brands when it comes to electric fireplaces. Let’s take a look at some of the best brands on the block.

1. Real Flame:

This company founded some 30 years ago has rightfully earned the top spot on our list of best brands of electric fireplace. Real flame, established initially to sell ventless fireplaces has since expanded its scope and now produces some of the Top rated electric fireplaces.

They place focus not only satisfying their customers but on meeting set safety standards. Their products exist in different sizes and styles to suit your home needs. At the same time, they are designed to furnish your home with a sufficient amount of heat. As a plus, you get better control over the amount of heat you want per time.

2. Classic Frame:

The global brand, placed under the canopy of the more prominent Twin-Star International churn out some of the best fireplaces there are. Originally founded to produce furniture with excellent designs, they have since delved into making electric fireplaces.

They dictate the pace for others to follow in the industry, having been the first to design various styles of electric fireplace mantels. Their long-lasting products are designed to give customers a wholesome experience. Still, they give due consideration for safety, aesthetics, among many other things.

3. Touchstone:

Touchstone heralded for making realistic-looking electric fireplaces. They produce electric fireplaces with a sleek design and a durable finish. Their products like the Touchstone 80001 is easy to set up and install. Also, they are flexible. In other words, you can modify things like flame height and brightness using a remote control.

How To Select The Right Size Electric Fireplace ?

There are many factors to consider when selecting an electric fireplace to install in your home or business space. One of such factors is the size of the space it is to occupy. This is a significant factor in selecting electric fireplaces. For example, a thin wall cannot house a recessed fireplace.

If you have already prepared the area where you want to install your fireplace, you must take its area. If you already have an existing fireplace, an electric fireplace insert is your best bet.

With a fireplace insert, you do not need to do any complex installations or construction in your already existing fireplace. All you need do is measure the insert – the area where you log your wood. The dimensions of the area will help you settle for the right size of the insert.

If you are looking to get a wall-mounted fireplace fitted into a recess, the wall thickness is of great importance. You should consider a small fireplace for a thin interior wall rather than a large fireplace. If you are placing it close to your TV, it is recommended you pay due consideration to its size relative to the TV set. A fireplace larger than your TV could turn out to be distracting with the flames on.

Consider your room size before installing a fireplace?

Whatever electric fireplace you settle for, it is of prime importance that you know whether it is powerful enough to heat the entire room. Therefore, you should find the size of your room in square feet and compare it to the recommended area in the fireplace’s product description. You can get the size in square feet by multiplying the width by the length in feet.

Take, for example, the Puraflame 33 Inches Western Electric Fireplace Insert works best in a 400 sq.ft. space. The Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace, on the other hand, can heat an even larger room.

How To Install An Electric Fireplace?

One great plus with electric fireplaces is that its installations are quite easy to do. Hence, they do not require the services of a professional. A freestanding fireplace is even easier to install as it can stand on its own.

One often neglected factor in installing an electric fireplace is the space the fireplace is poised to occupy. To get started, you should measure the area to ensure that the fireplace can fit in without any interference whatsoever.

Following that, you should ensure that there are electric sockets close to that area. Extension boxes are not a recommended option. The fireplace should be instead connected directly to an output socket. If you do not have one, consult an electrician to install one for you.

After that, you can proceed to install your fireplace. There is only little you have to do other than plugging the heater directly into the socket.

For a wall-mounted electric fireplace, mark the area where you want to install the heater. After that, drill in the wall the holes required for the mounting bracket. Finally, you can screw the fireplace in place. It is as easy as mounting a flat TV set onto the wall.

Best Electric Fireplace: Buyer’s Considerations


Size is one of the most important factors – if not the most important – to consider when settling for an electric fireplace. It is sacrosanct that you figure out how much space you have for the fireplace installation. These form of fireplaces are incredibly convenient for use because they abound in a host of sizes individuals can pick from. Indeed, they can be built into several sizes to fit into about just any space and in any style according to the preferences of the user.

Heat Output:

For most users, the primary objective of purchasing an electric fireplace is providing warmth in a room. This is particularly the case when you are going for a fireplace stove.

To this end, you must make due consideration for the heat output relative to the size of your room. While some are very effective in spaces about 400sq.ft. in area, others are still effective in areas way more than that. One big plus with an electric fireplace is the control you have. For the most part, you can adjust the heat output depending on your preference per time.


When it comes to electric fireplaces, style does not count as a limitation. This is because they exist in a wide range of styles. With regards to style, there are three main things to consider, How realistic the fireplace looks? Whether the fireplace has pebbles or faux logs? What is the colour of the flame?

a) How realistic the fireplace looks:

Depending on the refraction technology used, some fireplaces look more realistic than some others. Take, for example; the Magikflame Electric Fireplace has a more realistic feel than others due to the holographic illusion technique it uses.

b) Pebbles or faux logs:

You have to decide what your preference is between the two. With some electric fireplaces, you need not choose between the two as they have an interchangeable construction.

c ) The colour of the flame:

The colour of the flame is one huge factor to consider with regards to style. Some electric fireplaces though have multiple adjustable colours.


The space created for the installation of your fireplace also has a role to play in what kind of fireplace you should get. If you already own a traditional fireplace, you should be more inclined towards purchasing an Electric Fireplace Insert. With this kind of fireplace, there is no need for complex constructions or alteration to your already existing fireplace.

Sturdy construction:

Depending on usage, some users are more particular about the kind of materials used for the construction of the fireplace. The sturdier the build, the more durable it is in general. However, you should not forego a sturdy build for a smooth, elegant finish. The finish, for example, barnwood can give your fireplace that exotic look you so desire.

Safety Features:

Electric fireplaces are safe relative to traditional fireplaces and do not pose a risk for injury. However, when shopping for an electric fireplace, you need to ensure that it has some inherent safety features. Some of these features include safety shut-out, temperature limiter and automatic shut-off timer.

The Flame Effect:

The flame effect is one other essential criteria to be considered. You might want to settle for a fireplace with a more realistic-looking flame. In some fireplaces, a real-life-like flame is accompanied by crackling sounds just like it is with a traditional fireplace.

Warranty period:

Another consideration to be addressed is the type of warranty provided. As it is with any electronic device, faults could develop. It is therefore imperative that you know what kind of warranty is provided and for what period it covers. Only good quality products promise some sort of warranty.

Additional Features:

a) Brightness settings:

In some fireplaces, you have the option of going with a soft glow or an intense blaze. Before getting a fireplace, you should take some time out to know if this is an option.

b) Digital thermostats with auto shuts off ability::

Having a thermostat with auto shuts off ability is one property of a good quality fireplace. However, not all fireplaces have this ability. For safety and humidity reasons, these are the ideal type of fireplaces

c) Remote control:

A huge perk of an electric fireplace is the control it gives its users. You should figure out whether your fireplace has a remote control and what it can control. Things like timer control, brightness intensity, flame height and heat settings are controls you would want to have.

Are Electric Fireplace Expensive To Run? How Much?

This is a question that leaves prospective buyers looking confused. You are therefore not alone if this question occasionally sweeps through your mind as well.

Unlike what most people may think, electric fireplaces are economical to run. That is to say; they are excellent converters of energy. They are known to be energy efficient for undeniable reasons. Since there is no venting, heating cannot escape from the system. Consequently, all of the heat generated by the fireplace is sent into the room.

Of worthy mention is the fact that you can use an electric fireplace in two ways. You can put on the heater and flames, or leave only the flame function on for aesthetic purposes. It costs only a fraction when only the flames are turned on but could cost a lot more if you turn on the heater as well.

At this junction, it might suffice to give you a general idea of the cost of running an electric fireplace.

Take for example; if you pay an approximate sum of $0.06 per kW and your fireplace is rated 25kW, you would be expending $1.5 per hour on electricity.

Is there any best practices to follow so that You can minimize your utility bill?

Here’s our suggestion. Before acquiring an electric fireplace, decide on why you need the fireplace. Are you more interested in the ambience and romance it brings to your room or a need a means to provide more warmth in your space?

Whatever electric fireplace you decide to purchase, you can keep your electricity cost at the barest minimum by using the flame function alone. Fireplaces like Duraflame DFI021ARU Electric Log Set Heater are also highly recommended as they come with the zone heating function.

Electric Fireplace Safety Tips:

Electric fireplace safety tips

Although electric fireplaces are rated safe, it is still important to observe some precautions. The following are some safety tips that might be of help to you.

Plug into the right socket:

  • Do not use extension boxes for your electric fireplace. This is because the fireplace would generally require more output and can consequently overload an extension box, leading to fires.
  • The ideal specification is using grounded cables or sockets with the right wattage rating. It is necessary to use sockets with the correct rating to avoid overloading.

Maintenance of fireplace cords:

  • You should unplug the fireplace from the socket when not in use. Asides from tripping kids when it is taut, a power surge can also cause fires.
  • Check the cords regularly for physical damage which is not uncommon after an extended period. The power passing through the wire can also cause sheating in some cases. If you notice any damage on your cables, make sure to call a professional for its repairs.
  • Enclose the cords with plastics to prevent kids from biting them off and putting themselves in danger.

Benefits Of Having An Electric Fireplace:

There are a host of benefits, electric fireplaces present to its user. Asides the ambience and the cosy feeling it gives the room, it provides warmth during freezing periods.


  • Since they come in different kinds of styles and designs, you could go with one that easily matches your home décor.
  • The swaying flames are a joy to watch and leaves your home looking exotic. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


  • Electric fireplaces such as the freestanding types have an excellent surface finish to support a flat TV set.
  • It also has adjustable shelves to house books and a host of other electronic gadgets. Since they are flexible, they create just enough space for the items they store. This way, the elegance of the fireplace is still maintained.
  • It provides warmth in the cold winters all without the smoke and soot that comes with traditional fireplaces. Properties like flame height, intensity, as well as, heat intensity can be adjusted based on the preference of the user.

<h2 “=”” style=”text-align: center;” tve-u-170a141a36d”=”” id=”tab-con-5″>FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

Q1. Can I leave my electric fireplace on when I’m not home or overnight?

Ans: You can leave your fireplace on in your absence or overnight if you have to. However, if it is not necessary to leave it on, it is better to turn it off. As it is with other electrical devices, it is best practice to turn them off when they are unused

Q2. Are Electric Fireplaces Environmentally Friendly and safe for a child?

Ans: Unlike traditional fireplaces, electric fireplaces make use of clean energy. Hence, they are environmentally friendly. They are also safe for children as they have glass insulators to shield the children from direct contact with the heating coils.

Q3. Do electric fireplaces really heat a room? Which electric fireplace gives the most heat?

Ans: Although electric fireplaces can heat a room well, they should not replace a central heating system. How well they can heat a room would usually depend on the BTU produced and the size of the room. While some provide as much as 5000BTUs, others create a lot less than that. In general, free-standing and fireplace stoves produce the most heat.

Wrap Up:

While providing the warmth that you need, electric fireplaces can also bring about an ultra-modern focal point in your room. For all its worth, they exist in different styles, sizes and designs depending on your preferences.

No matter what your preferences are, there is one that seems tailor-made for you. To this end, you should be sure of what your preferences are and what you are looking for in an electric fireplace. To house this fireplace, you should make proper preparations like measuring the space you want to place the fireplace.

This guide gives you a hint into the considerations to make before purchasing an electric fireplace. It also updates you with security tips on handling an electric fireplace. Finally, it discusses the features, pros and cons of the best electric fireplaces to help you settle for one. Of all the fireplaces mentioned above, recessed/in-wall mounted fireplaces are the best and Touchtone 80004 the pick of the bunch.




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