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best electric fireplace tv stand

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Your home should be a sanctuary where you can escape the outside world. The items you use to fill your home are a reflection of this.

An entertainment stand that includes an electric fireplace will provide both comfort and functionality. It can create a relaxing environment to recharge after a long day.

Watch the hypnotic dance of realistic flames to ease tension while adding a level of sophistication to your living space.

The best electric fireplace TV stand will provide a sense of luxury at much less than you’d expect to pay. Below I have reviewed eight of the most popular designs to help you choose the right electric fireplace entertainment unit for your home.

Review Of Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand And Media Console

1. Ameriwood Home Farmington Electric Fireplace TV Console: Top Rated Electric Fireplace Entertainment Center

This TV console provides the function of a great entertainment unit with the addition of an electric fireplace. Let’s talk about the functionality first.

This unit will warm spaces up to 400 sq ft. It’s designed to be used as a supplemental heating source, but can be set to heat a room between 72-82 degrees. The LED lights are long-lasting and boast 50,000-hour life span. This will ensure long term use before any maintenance is required.

Behind each cabinet door are 4 internal shelves providing plenty of storage for additional items like DVD’s and games. The open-top shelving provides ample space for a cable box or gaming console. This open shelf means these items can be accessed via remote Bluetooth, as panel doors do not obstruct them. The top mantelshelf will accommodate a flat-screen TV measuring up to 60″ and hold up to 95 pounds with ease.

The remote control makes operating the electric fireplace simple; from the comfort of your couch, or even in bed.

This electric fireplace TV unit is constructed using strong MDF particleboard with a smooth laminate finish. Wipe free from dust with a soft cloth to maintain it’s stunning good looks.

The fireplace insert itself is made from durable metal, ensuring long-lasting and safe operation. The electric fireplace has faux logs in the heating bed, and the flames are realistic and true to color. If you don’t require the console to heat your room, the flame display can be set without heat. You can enjoy the look and feel of the open fireplace all year round.

This real flame electric fireplace TV stand has a rustic, farmhouse feel in a warm brown tone. Ameriwood also makes additional furniture in this same finish so you can create a consistent look across your home or bedroom.

Who Should Get It?

I would recommend this fireplace TV cabinet to those who are looking to furnish with that rustic feel. It is a great looking fireplace that provides a function for large TV’s and accommodates the storage required for gamers and movie buffs. I could also see this unit being used in a large bedroom too.

Let’s watch the following video for more exciting feature of this amazing fireplace TV Console:


  • Rustic antique look
  • Remote control for easy operation
  • Multiple storage spaces
  • Matching furniture items available
  • Long-lasting LED light source
  • Operates on a standard outlet


  • Potentially too large for some smaller apartments at approx. 60” wide.

2. Ameriwood Home Chicago Electric Fireplace:( Best Looking Electric Fireplace TV Stand )

The Home Chicago model from Ameriwood has all the features of its larger counterparts, without the bulk. While the fire insert is only 18″ across, it still creates a dynamic and realistic display. The faux logs and flame design are realistic and provide the ambient feel that you’d expect from traditional fireplaces.

All Ameriwood models use AltraFlame technology. This technology is exclusive to Ameriwood and uses reflectors to create a realistic look at the flames. Combined with powerful LED’s, you can expect up to 50,000 hours of use before maintenance is required.

What this unit lacks in size, it makes up for in strength. The top mantel can safely hold up to 70 pounds. Made from strong MDF and laminated particleboard, the top shelf also has ample room for a gaming console, cable box and/or Blu-Ray players.

It can accommodate up to 30 pounds. The 2 internal shelves can cope with up to 20 pounds. This unit is small, but mighty and will facilitate all your storage needs behind its glass panel doors.

The traditional molding will add a traditional vibe to living rooms, bedrooms, or sitting rooms. The 18” fireplace insert can heat 400 sq. rooms comfortably. You can enjoy the luxury of the faux flames minus the heat if you so desire.

As with most Ameriwood products, the instructions for assembly are easy to read and understand. There are plenty of illustrations to assist you while constructing this unit. It is recommended by the manufacturer that assembly of this unit is a two-person job. Once assembly is complete, you can connect the unit to any standard electrical outlet and away you go.

There is no remote control for this unit. The operating controls for the fireplace are located on the front of the unit and are easy to navigate.

Is it a right choice for your room?

In my opinion, this is the best compact storage in a fireplace TV stand you’ll find on the market. I’d recommend this unit for those with tight spaces, who still want to enjoy the ambiance and functionality of a combined electric fireplace and TV console.


  • Uses standard electrical outlet
  • Compact design for small spaces
  • Additional storage
  • Option for Flame effect without heat
  • Holds up to 70 pounds on the mantel shelf


  • No remote control

3. Southern Enterprises Tennyson Electric Fireplace with Bookcase

This is by far the most authentic-looking hearth. You can really imagine this unit being found in a period home, with family and friends gathered around the fireplace during the holidays.

I really like the brickwork detail inside the fireplace insert; it gives this unit a realistic feel. The carved detail across the top is incredibly appealing and would add old world charm to any space.

Not only does the Tennyson electric fireplace look the part, but it’s also very functional. With 6 additional shelves for books, photographs, and mementos, this unit could be cleverly styled to be the centerpiece of your home.

As well as storage, the Tennyson has many included features. The remote control can be used to control all of these features with ease. You can adjust the brightness of the flickering flames, timers, logs, and temperature. Powered by LED technology, the Tennyson also features downlights that can illuminate the fireplace from above.

The Tennyson from Southern Enterprises also has several standout safety features. This includes glass that remains cool to the touch regardless of the temperature settings. This would give added peace of mind to parents of small children or pet owners.

This unit also has an automatic shut off feature, once the desired temperature has been reached. This electric fireplace can also be operated without heat so you can enjoy the look all year round.

Another little added feature that was quite surprising? When you turn the unit off, the flames and lighting slowly dim and fades away.

You will not require an electric to professionally install this electric fireplace unit. Once constructed, the Tennyson conveniently plugs into any standard electrical outlet. The electrical cord is a generous 6ft long.

Who Should Go For It?

I believe this to be the best traditional style, electric fireplace TV stand on the market. I recommend it for those who want their electric fireplace to make a statement, and be the stand out feature in their living room.

With all the included safety features, ample storage and the authentic look of this unit, I am hard-pressed to find anything that doesn’t appeal to me here.


  • Auto-shutoff thermostat
  • Supports up to 68” flat screen
  • Remote Control
  • 6 open shelves plus mantel
  • Authentic fireplace look
  • Efficient LED bulbs


  • This unit is heavy – will require additional assistance to construct and/or move

4. Ameriwood Home Manchester Electric Fireplace TV Stand

The Manchester electric fireplace TV stand has a large 23” insert capable of heating rooms up to 400 sq. ft. The temperature can be set between 64 and 82 degrees. You can set the timer to automatically switch off the unit if required.

There are three adjustable flame settings that can be used with it without heat. As with other Ameriwood models, the Manchester features AltraFlame technology and uses reflectors to create a realistic flame display. The faux logs are incredibly realistic and only add to the authenticity of this electric fireplace. The LED means you can expect up to 50000 hours of energy-efficient use.

The feature-packed remote control allows you to operate all the above functions from one convenient location. In addition to the remote control, the Manchester has a modern touch panel so you can access all the functions from the unit itself.

Aside from the easy to access control panel, the Manchester has many pleasing aesthetic features too. The sleek black finish would feel at home in both modern, and minimalist homes. The detailing across the top of the unit is attractive, and I like how the middle platform for the flat screen is slightly higher than the side storage components.

The open shelves on either side of the electric fireplace are adjustable, allowing you to customize the height. At 18” wide, there is plenty of room to store your cable box, gaming console and personal décor items on either side. There are cut-outs on the back of the unit so you can discreetly hide unsightly cords and plugs.

Ameriwood has considered all levels of “handy-person” when putting together their assembly instructions. All components are clearly labeled, and the illustrations are clear.

The Manchester is a very modern electric fireplace TV stand. Its low-line design is unobtrusive and would suit those homes with a sleek and minimalist design. I would recommend to those who are looking for all the features combined in an uncomplicated unit.


  • Adjustable Heat settings
  • Holds a flat-screen up to 70″
  • Adjustable internal shelves
  • Sleek and modern design
  • A discreet operational Touch panel


  • Two adults recommended for assembly

5. Walker Edison W58FP18ES Fireplace TV Stand

If you have a very large, heavy television, you may like to consider this model from Walker Edison. It holds a massive 250 pounds safely and could be the solution for you.

Made from durable laminate and MDF, this unit is easy to assemble. Walker Edison provides clear and simple instructions that can be completed without the help of a licensed electrician. Once constructed it will plug into a standard electrical outlet. These cords and those of other equipment can be fed through the back of the unit for a clean look.

Depending on your existing décor, this electric fireplace TV stand could suit either modern, or a rustic farmhouse look. The dark Espresso finish is warm and has a great texture.

The fireplace can heat rooms comfortably up to 400 sq. ft. The flame display can be used with or without the heat being activated.

With all the models on the market, the Walker Edison does fall short when it comes to additional features. You cannot adjust brightness or the display, and there is not auto-shutoff or thermostat capabilities.

I would recommend this model for those who require a simple version without all the bells and whistles. If your budget is tight, but you’d still like to enjoy the ambiance that an electric fireplace provides, this may be the one for you. I would name this model the best budget-friendly fireplace TV stand without a doubt.


  • Holds a massive 250 pounds
  • Adjustable shelving
  • Generous storage space
  • Sturdy construction
  • For flat screens up to 60”


  • No remote control
  • Limited features

6. Southern Enterprises Antebellum Media Electric Fireplace White Finish

This little unit is featured-packed for its size. It is capable of heating rooms up to 400 sq. ft. It heats up quickly and disperses heat evenly. The temperature can be adjusted, as can the display. This model also has timer capabilities and can be set to shut off when required.

All these features can be conveniently operated from the remote control. The remote control has a parental lock to keep it safe from little fingers. Children will also be safe, as the self-regulating glass front stays cool enough to touch.

The Antebellum has a white distressed finish that is very charming. The louvered doors conceal whatever you need to sore within the unit. There is plenty of space on the top shelf to store your Blu-Ray player, cable box or gaming console. The cords from these additional appliances can be fed through the back of the unit to conceal them.

This unit is incredibly energy efficient, with Southern Enterprises boasting that it uses less energy than a standard coffee maker. Assembly is a piece of cake and could be achieved by one person with moderate skills. The instructions are very easy to understand and the illustrations make it that much easier. Once constructed, this unit simply plugs into any standard electrical outlet.

I would recommend this for those in small apartments, and those that would like a level of “portability” in their electric fireplace TV unit. Being quite small in stature, this unit will be easy to move should you want to change the configuration of your furniture, or should you decide to move homes at some point. With this unit, you will get a range of great features while having the most space-saving electric fireplace TV unit.


  • Compact design
  • Remote control
  • Realistic brick design inside fireplace bed
  • Louvered door cabinets provide additional storage
  • Authentic log and flame display


  • Will not suit very large flat screens, over 50”

7. Ameriwood Home Carver Electric Fireplace TV Stand

This electric fireplace TV stand is capable of heating rooms up to 400 sq. feet. The heat is adjustable and can be managed from the remote control or the touch panel on the unit itself. The touch panel is modern in design and does not detract from the overlook of the TV console. Ameriwood also makes other furniture items in this range so that you can coordinate your entire space.

Once again, this Ameriwood model features AltraFlame technology, which uses reflectors to create a realistic and hypnotic flame display. You can enjoy the look of the flames and logs at any time of year as they can operate without generating heat.

I really like the symmetry of this unit. I think it would look “at home” in many different styles of homes or apartments. The two-toned color, white/grey means it will fit in naturally with existing décor.

The only thing I would mention is that the top shelf is divided into two. While this not make much difference to some, it may limit what fits comfortable and how you configure additional items such as cable box or gaming consoles.

I would recommend this unit for those that would like a simple, uncomplicated design that doesn’t compromise on features. The two-toned coloring combined with a simple design makes this model the best contemporary electric fireplace TV stand.


  • 23” fireplace insert
  • Touch button panel
  • For flat screens up to 60”
  • Realistic flame display and faux logs


  • Divided top shelf

8. Pleasant Hearth 248-44-34M Elliot Media Electric Fireplace

The Pleasant Hearth is a traditionally accurate looking fireplace. Made from sturdy particleboard and laminate, it is finished in a deep red, mahogany color. The main difference with this electrical fireplace insert is that it is curved. This gives it a little more of an old-fashioned look, which will be appealing to some.

Rather than faux logs, the fire insert is filled with an ember bed that glows realistically. However, there are no actual flames. You can customize the level of brightness with three options to choose from.

You will also have the option of 10 different temperature settings to get your indoor climate just how you like it. The remote control is uncomplicated to use and allows you to control all the functions of this unit.

Putting this unit together is relatively simple, no complicated power tools required. The instructions and illustrations are easy to interpret and understand. Once assembled this unit will plug into a standard electrical outlet for easy operation.

I would like to mention that of all the models I tested for this review, this was the only one where I heard the fan. All the other models were quiet enough that I didn’t even think of noise-related fan outputs. While the fan on this model was noticeable to the ear, I wouldn’t exactly call it loud as such.

This old-fashioned look and smaller cabinet size will not be for everyone but will suit those that appreciate that style. This traditional style electric fireplace TV stand would be best for those trying to create a nostalgic feel in these modern times.


  • 24” curved firebox
  • 3 flame brightness levels
  • 10 temperature settings
  • Faux ember bed display
  • Timer function


  • Fan is noticeable

9. Southern Enterprises Calvert Carved Electric Fireplace

This model takes tradition to the next level. While we are discussing TV stands in this review, I can see this electric fireplace being used as a stand-alone feature. It would look incredible with a flat-screen mounted on the wall above it, perhaps the mantel could be used for an additional sound-bar. However, the Calvert will hold a flat-screen on the mantel, up to 42″ if you choose.

This will NOT suit those that need to store additional items such as cable boxes or gaming consoles. There is no internal storage within this unit. However, in today’s age of streaming services and Bluetooth, the need to store movies and games are on the decrease.

The fireplace insert has a faux brick look which adds to the authenticity of this unit. The temperature is adjustable to four different settings and capable of heating a space up to 400 sq. ft. You can enjoy the look of this electric fireplace all year round as it is operational without heat.

The auto-shutoff and “cool to the touch” glass are great safety features and will give confidence to a parent of small kids and pet owners. Assembly is required, but detailed instructions and illustrations allow this to be completed with ease.

I think this unit would look fantastic in a bedroom or dining room. At a depth of just 14.5,” it will be an unobtrusive feature even in tight spaces. I would recommend the Calvert to those who require supplemental heating with traditional flair.


  • Luxurious carving detail and wood-like finish
  • Remote control with child safety lock
  • Adjustable temperature settings
  • Realistic flame and faux log display
  • Creates a charming old-world feel and ambiance


  • No additional storage

10. Southern Enterprises Rollins Convertible Corner Electric Media Fireplace

The Rollins model from Southern Enterprises is a showstopper with its elegant stacked stone design. When you add the addition of LED-lit side cabinets door storage, this electric fireplace will be quite the feature in your living space.

It is easily adaptable to a corner position but looks equally at home on a flat wall, and the Rollins does not put style ahead of substance. It is packed with features.

Capable of heating a room up to 400 sq. feet, it has four adjustable heat settings ranging from 62 – 82 degrees. You can also customize the way the fireplace looks by adjusting the logs and flames between the five different settings. The flame display can also be utilized with heat to create atmosphere and calm. All these features can be accessed conveniently from your remote control.

This model is powered by an energy-efficient LED and should not make too much of an impact on your power costs depending on your usage. The side cabinets provide ample additional storage and can be lit from above.

As far as aesthetics, I think this is the best looking electric fireplace stand on my list. It is also incredibly adaptable depending on your needs. I can imagine this unit providing warmth in an intimate dining room, as well as making a bold statement in a large entryway. I would recommend the Rollins to style masters that are looking to make a statement.


  • Elegant stacked stone feature
  • Auto shut off and cool-touch glass
  • Adapts to a corner position well
  • LED-lit side cabinets for storage
  • Remote control


  • Will not suit all budgets

Benefits of Combining Electric Fireplace With TV Stand

Benefits of Combining Electric Fireplace With TV Stand

Multi-purpose Functionality:

Having a furniture item that can perform more than one function makes sense. It is cost-effective in that one item serves two purposes. Not alone will your flat screen have a place to call home, but the ambient nature of electric fireplaces will create a haven for you to relax at the end of a long day.

Space Saving and Easy to Use:

It is also a space-saving option; a combined TV unit and electrical fireplace will take up far less room than a separate TV cabinet and space heater. Not only will you save space, but you will also save time and your back! Nobody wants to be chopping and carting wood in winter, much less cleaning up ash and soot that comes with traditional fireplaces. Electric fireplaces mean no space taken up with stacks of firewood, or the additional grunt work that comes with chimneys and wood.

The Best Electric Fireplace Tv stand is Economical:

All of the units on my list above run on LED technology making them incredibly efficient to run. Depending on your usage, most owners of electric fireplace TV consoles report little increases to existing power bills.

Environmentally Friendly:

Electrical fireplaces create no smoke, fumes or emissions that are harmful to the environment. You will not need to chop down trees and disturbs animal habitats in the process. Apart from replacing LED bulbs every few years, there are very minimal impacts on the environment due to electric fireplaces.

Easy to Assemble and Install:

In most cases, electric fireplaces are designed to be assembled by everyday people. Instructions and illustrations provide ease of use, and no specialty tools are required. Furthermore, you will not need a professional electrician to install or connect your new unit. Standalone electric fireplaces and those combine with TV consoles plug straight into standard electrical outlets.

Electric Fireplace Safety Tips:

  • Always follow assembly and operating instructions provided by the manufacturer completely.
  • Never leave children unattended when in operation.
  • Keep other furniture and objects at a safe distance from your fireplace unit to avoid burns, melting and heat damage.
  • Electric fireplaces are designed to be used indoors only. Do not use electric fireplaces outdoors.
  • Ensure your electrical outlets are safe and compliant before operating your new electric fireplace. Never plug your electric fireplace into an extension adapter. It’s recommended to plug them directly into your main electrical outlet.
  • If your electric fireplace will be unused for extended periods of time, unplug the unit from the outlet for safety and environmental reasons.
  • And last but not least, you should schedule an annual inspection of your electric fireplace for safety.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand:


The size will be a major consideration, but this factor into a couple of decisions. First, the unit needs to fit where you are planning to install it. Make sure that the unit you choose is in proportion to the size of the room, and the wall that it will sit against.

2. Heating System:

Electric fireplaces are not designed to be the soul heating within your home. Most models are designed to heat areas up to 400 square feet and are to be used as a supplemental heating source. You should also check where the vents/fans are located on your unit and this will indicate in which direction the hot air will blow.

3.Safety Features:

If you have small children or pets, safety may be at the top of your list of considerations. Check the electrical fireplace for features such as cool-touch glass, and auto-shutoff timers. Some remote controls also feature child locks for added peace of mind.

4. Design

While an electric fireplace will be a stand-out feature within your home, you will also want it to fit in seamlessly with your existing décor. Thankfully, electric fireplaces and TV consoles have many different options to choose from including color, style, and finishes. Consider your existing furniture, what items you may or may not need to store and where you plan to locate your electric fireplace before deciding on a design.

5. Weight Capacity

The plug-in and play nature of electrical fireplaces means they are relatively portable. If you are leasing an apartment or planning to move at some stage, the weight of your unit should be considered. This will also be a consideration for those that live alone, need to clean behind the unit, or just like to rotate furniture from time to time.

The weight of your unit should also be considered as most electric fireplaces are delivered to your door, unassembled.

6. Flame Effect

There are many different effects and they vary from unit to unit. From flames to embers, to faux logs and illuminated crystals, the effects achieved within electric fireplaces are as stunning as they are varied. Most reputable sellers will list videos of the flame effects along with their product descriptions so be sure to check these out before you make your purchase. You should also consider if being able to customize and change the flame display and fire bed is important to you.

7. Warranty

Many trustworthy manufacturers will provide a warranty to cover you in the event of faulty workmanship or other unforeseen circumstances. These warranties general run for 12 or 24 months from date of purchase so be sure to keep your paperwork and receipts in a safe place. You will need them in the unlikely event that you have trouble with your electric fireplace.

8. Additional Features

Like so many products, there are often models that are the basic package, right up to models that have all the bells and whistles. Electric fireplaces are no different. If you are the type that likes to mix things up and customize the look of your home, you may want to consider any additional features that may be available in an electric fireplace.

These include, but not limited to:

  • Brightness Settings:

Would you like to modify how bright and dim your flame settings are?

  • Remote Control:

Do you want to be able to operate your unit remotely? And if so, what functions can be accessed via the remote control?

  • Thermostat:

Would you like to be able to adjust the heat setting from high to low, or to a certain temperature?

FAQ’s About Electric Fireplace TV Stand:

Q 1: Can I leave my electric fireplace on when I’m not home or overnight?

Ans: The quick answer – It is certainly ok to leave your electric fireplace on overnight. If you plan to do this I would certainly recommend a model with adjustable heat settings for your comfort. However, leaving an electric fireplace on overnight, or unsupervised for an extended period of time can raise safety concerns. It is one of the instances where:

“Just because you CAN, doesn’t always mean you SHOULD” – Let me explain why.

If you are leaving your home for an extended period of time, your electrical fireplace will continue using power and costing you money. While electric fireplaces are incredibly efficient and cost-effective, they are certainly not free to run. While the idea of coming home to a toasty fire sounds great, they are so efficient that it will take a matter of minutes to heat up small rooms.

I personally don’t like the idea of leaving the electric fireplace on while I sleep. Studies show that your body temperature needs to be slightly lower than normal to induce restorative, deep sleep.

Q 2: Is an electric fireplace energy-efficient and environmentally friendly?

Ans: Most electric fireplaces use LED technology and are one of the most energy-efficient ways to heat your home. LED consumes less power than regular bulbs and needs to be replaced less often.

With a traditional fireplace, a lot of the heat is lost when it rises up through the chimney. Alternatively, electric fireplaces have fans and vents that blow heated air directly into your home.

With electric fireplaces, there is also no impact on forestry and wildlife habitats. The LED bulbs used in electric fireplaces are mercury-free, making them environmentally friendly.

Q 3: Are electric fireplace TV stands safe for kids and pets?

Ans: In a word, yes. But some models are more compatible with young children and domestic pets. We all want our kids and pets to be safe, so when looking for the best electric fireplace TV stand for your home, consider additional safety features to give you peace of mind. These may include, cool-touch glass, auto-shutoff, and child lock features on the remote control.

Final Verdicts Regarding Best Electric Fireplace TV Stand:

An electric fireplace TV console will be a cost-effective, functional and worthwhile piece of furniture for your home. In addition to being useful, it will create a warm and inviting environment for you to relax with the family and entertain friends.

While it will not suit all styles of homes, as a book-lover I cannot go past the Tennyson from Southern Enterprises. All the models by Southern Enterprises are great value for money with a combination of features and style. I hope this review will help you find the best electric fireplace TV stand to suit your needs.





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